Create bootable USB with UEFI Secure Boot

Setup USB

In an earlier article, I explained how to download any version of Windows and create a bootable USB to install it. I also walked you through the steps of how to actually boot from the […]

How to disable automatic repair & recovery in Windows


While using Windows, there is a chance that at some point, something may go wrong. Your system may no longer boot or fail to shut down properly. If it happens a certain number of times […]

Disable modern boot UI & restore F8 boot menu

List Menu

One of the most atrocious changes in Windows 8 which was continued in Windows 10 was to the pre-boot environment. A new UEFI-based graphical¬†boot environment was introduced and it removed the ability to press F8 […]

Windows 10 Setup tips, tricks and optimizations

Windows Setup

When you are installing Windows, there are certain optimizations you can do that will save you some annoyances. Here are some Windows 10 Setup tips and tricks you can do.

Why to clean install Windows on a new PC

System Disk

Windows 10 is a stable system when it is set up properly and used carefully. However sometimes certain things break in the OS and the only option is to start afresh. Or when you get […]

Boot from USB to clean install Windows 10

Setup USB

If you have downloaded Windows 10 and created a bootable USB drive, the next step is to boot from the USB drive to clean install Windows 10. There are several reasons why. These days, Windows […]

Download and install any version of Windows 10

USB Flash Drive

Now that you are convinced that a Windows laptop is the best device to buy and you got yourself a new laptop, what next can you do with it? Did it come with Windows 10 […]