Basic Windows concepts – mouse usability & how it’s dying

Mouse Usability

Windows was designed from the start (pun not intended) 😆 to be easy to use. Usability in simplest terms means how friendly and convenient something is to use. When applied to input devices of a […]

How to rollback drivers & stop auto update in Windows


One of the worst changes in Windows 10 was Microsoft automatically updating drivers even on PCs where existing drivers were correctly installed and the system was in stable condition. Let’s see how to rollback drivers […]

Fix Windows Taskbar appearance with StartIsBack++

Taskbar With Desktop

After extensively fixing and fine-tuning how the Windows 10 taskbar works with 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, you can go further and fix how it looks too. The default appearance of the Windows taskbar is not very […]

7+ Taskbar Tweaker advanced options

UI Concepts Start Menu

In another article, you have seen how to make Windows 10 taskbar work like XP. Now let’s go through 7+ Taskbar Tweaker advanced options.

Make Windows taskbar work like XP

XP Taskbar And Start

Up to Windows XP, Microsoft gave us all the options to customize the taskbar so it could work like previous versions of Windows. But Windows 7 removed many choices and forced certain taskbar behaviors. Let’s […]

Disable modern boot UI & restore F8 boot menu

List Menu

One of the most atrocious changes in Windows 8 which was continued in Windows 10 was to the pre-boot environment. A new UEFI-based graphical boot environment was introduced and it removed the ability to press F8 […]